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This festival, once visited, becomes a firm favourite with all its many visitors. Although it now attracts people from all over the world, including several thousand Aussies, Kiwis, and more recently South Africans, it remains very much a 'locals' event. This is to many people a great part of its appeal. The depth of passion and enthusiasm of the Pamplona people for Fiesta San Fermines is quite remarkable. To the casual visitor it appears as just one long party that seems to go on 24 hours a day for 9 days. However, with a little research you start to discover a depth of tradition and culture that is amazing. Apart from the well known events such as the 'Opening Ceremony', with its mass street party and champagne, there are many other major attractions during the festival which when discovered, enthral and engage all participants.

A brief summary of the highlights:

  • 6th July: 'Opening Ceremony' at midday with the Town Hall at its centre. A massive street party, where music, fun and champagne are the order of the day.
  • 7th -14th July: The 'Encierro' (Bull Running) is held at 8.00am each morning when 6 fighting bulls herded by some old steers, are run through the streets to the arena. Some entertainment for the 'runners' is then put on in the arena when a young bull is given the chance to chase the hero's around the bull ring!!! A spectacle not to be missed!
  • The 'Pena's' or local social clubs, parade the streets with their bands and enthusiastic members in pursuit.
  • The 'Parade of the Giants' is held each morning with huge paper mache figures dancing and swirling in the streets.
  • The 'Fire bull' or what appears to be a man in a steel drum covered in firecrackers, is let loose to entertain young and old, each evening.
  • The 'Corrida' or Bull Fights are held each evening from 6.30pm in the arena when three Matadors fight two bulls each.
  • A world class firework display is put on each evening near the old Citadel at 11.00pm.
  • 14th July: 'Closing Ceremony' where the locals gather in the main square, the Plaza de Castillo, to form a candle light procession to the old church to bid farewell to the festivities for another year. This is followed by yet another massive firework display at midnight.

The Firebull

Whenever you decide to visit during the festival, you are assured of a party and a mass of memories.

Our Campsites

Our main site during the festival is Camping Ezcaba, just 7kms north of Pamplona (click here to see a map). The perfect location, with lots of showers, a shop, restaurant, swimming pool and twenty four hour site security. With Pamplona centre less than 10 minutes shuttle time away, we put you at the heart of the festival. This is a family owned and operated site which is clean and well maintained and has its own large car park outside reception.

For those booking the Accommodation only Beach/Combo our other site is Camping Tali Mendi at the seaside resort of Zarautz about 15kms west of San Sebastian. Just a short walk over the dunes to the beach, this is the place to relax after the excesses of the festivities of San Fermin. The Beach Combo package has two nights here in which to recover before heading either home or on to further travels and adventures.

For your security and peace of mind, we offer to hold your valuables such as passport, camera etc for the duration of your stay, and these are made available to you during breakfast hours each day.


We run regular shuttles during the festival so you do not miss any of the action, but the campsite is also served by a local bus (fare under 1€) and a taxi (should you be late home!) is around 10/12€.


Walking Orientation and Welcome Party 5th July

On the afternoon of the 5th July we commence taking all our clients into town to do an informative walking orientation of the main festival area of Pamplona. This ensures that all our clients are fully versed in the location of all the major festival activities, and gives the opportunity to purchase your 'costume' for the next day Opening Ceremony! This would be an impossibility the next day (6th) when the town is filled with people armed with bottles of champagne! This evening you will meet with all your fellow travellers at a local bar, just off the main square, where a glass of Sangria is the order of the day. We do not, after all, believe that you have travelled all the way to Spain to spend your time at a campsite!


For your comfort and safety we use a continental based coach company, with a fleet of modern, fully-equipped, air conditioned coaches with sound system, toilet and DVD. Each coach has two experienced drivers, familiar with European travel.

NOTE: We have a 'Non Smoking' policy on the coaches, but we make regular 'comfort stops' so those that require to, may have a food or smoke break.

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